5 Leading Causes Of Neck Pain & How An Interventional Pain Physician Can Help

Main Reasons Why You May Experience Neck Pain

At some point, everyone feels like life is a pain in the neck. While this may be cliché, there’s actually a lot of truth to the statement.

Neck pain is a very common problem and has many different causes. It can range from annoying to debilitating, and anyone who has suffered from chronic neck pain understands what it means for life to be a pain in the neck. It can be miserable.

Working with an interventional pain physician is a very effective way to alleviate your neck pain, and one of the most important steps in the process is determining the reason why you are experiencing neck pain. There are many reasons why someone may be experiencing neck pain, but here are five of the leading causes.

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1. Poor Posture Or Sleeping Position

Many people don’t realize that the ways we stand, sit, or sleep significantly affect our bodies. Spending many hours a day sitting in a desk chair and craning your neck forward while surfing your phone or computer are two very common reasons for posture-related neck pain. Some solutions are using a standing desk for some or part of your workday, getting a more ergonomic desk chair, and taking breaks to move throughout the day. Simply being aware of neck craning and making an effort to keep a more natural posture can be helpful.

Sleeping positions can also contribute to neck pain. Try switching to back or side sleeping if one of those positions is bothering you. Also be aware of whether you’re using too many or too few pillows that could be causing your neck to be stuck at an unnatural angle while you’re sleeping.

2. Brachial Plexus Injury

The brachial plexus is the group of nerves that connect from the spine through the neck and stretch down into your arms and hands. While there can be many causes of a brachial plexus injury, it results most commonly from accidents and sports injuries.

This type of injury is a lot like having a broken arm. You’ll feel numbness and pain, and may have difficulty moving your hands or arms. Most of the time, a brachial plexus injury will heal on its own within a few months. If it doesn’t improve, seek the car of a Friendswood interventional pain doctor who can help you determine whether your injury needs surgery or other treatments.

3. Slipped Disc In Your Spine

A slipped disc is a condition that happens when one of the discs between your vertebrae prolapses. As a result, you may feel tingling and muscle weakness, along with pain during daily activities that is often on just one side of the body due to a pinched nerve. This condition is more likely to happen as people age, but can also be caused by excessive muscle strain or being overweight.

4. Carrying Too Much Weight

Neck pain can be the result of literally carrying too much weight, such as a heavy purse or backpack. Especially when carried unevenly across the body, too much weight causes the spine to strain, leading to injury and pain. A neck pain doctor can work with you on treating your symptoms while advising you on lifestyle changes, such as balancing your backpack weight more evenly or finding other ways to reduce your load.

5. Stress Can Tighten Your Muscles

Stress acts as a toxin to our bodies. One way that stress can be especially harmful is by tightening our muscles, making it easier for them to become strained or injured. If this is the reason for your neck pain, work to reduce the amount of stress you’re dealing with. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but there are solutions to help manage stress! Prioritize a good night’s sleep every day, exercise, take breaks, see a counselor, spend time with family and friends, eat healthfully, ask your doctor about magnesium supplements to reduce muscle tension, and consider journaling. Work with a Texas neck pain doctor to get a personalized approach for your situation.

Causes Of Neck Pain

There are many reasons for chronic neck pain, ranging from sports injuries, a slipped disc, being overweight, car accidents, and stress. Sometimes, poor posture or excessive stress are to blame. Finding the cause can help with a solution, along with seeing a qualified health professional who will work with you to reduce your symptoms.

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