When Is It Time To See a Pain Specialist About Hip Pain?

6 Signs That Indicate You Should Visit a Hip Pain Physician In Texas

Everyone is likely to experience hip pain from time to time. There are many muscles and nerves connected to the hip bone, so even everyday activity can cause a strain or some pressure on the muscle or nerve that can result in discomfort or even pain. Yet you may not know what is typical discomfort that will resolve on its own and what requires a trip to a Texas hip pain physician.

Here are a few signs that it might be time to see a interventional pain physician if you are experiencing hip pain:

Woman with severe hip pain in League City, TX

Icing & Medication Don’t Help

The first thing you should try when you experience hip pain or discomfort is applying ice to the area to reduce inflammation and to dull the pain. You can also take over-the-counter pain medications. Get rest and keep applying ice and taking pain medication (as directed on the label).

You should feel some relief pretty quickly, and with rest, you should feel total relief within a few weeks. If you don’t notice a gradual reduction of your symptoms, you may need to call a hip pain doctor to get checked out.

Hip Pain Goes Away But Comes Back With Exercise

You may think that pain comes with the territory when you exercise, but it shouldn’t. Sure, you may feel muscle soreness after an intense workout, but if you are feeling pain in your hip during or after a workout, it could be an indication of a stress fracture or other injury.

If you are noticing that you only feel hip pain when you exercise, contact an interventional pain physician and schedule a consultation.

Your Hip Pain Lasts For More Than a Month

Any pain that continues for a long time needs to be addressed. If you have hip pain that does not go away after taking meds and applying ice, or that simply persists for a month or more, you need to talk to a hip pain doctor. Your hip may need time to heal from a mild injury, but if the pain is lingering for over a month, that’s a sign that the hip is not healing and something may be wrong.

Your Hip Gets Stiff When You Sit a Long Time

You may not think that you’re old enough to have arthritis, but more than 90 million Americans suffer from some form of it. One sign that you might be suffering from it or that you might be at risk is that your hip becomes very stiff after you have been sitting or lying down for a long time. You can also have pain in your hips when you are tying your shoes.

You could have this stiffness or pain because your muscles have become tight due to inactivity, but it’s best to talk with a League City interventional pain physician to find out for sure.

You Lose Range Of Motion In Your Hip

Typically, people lose some range of motion over a long period of time as they age. However, if you lose some range of motion in your hips very suddenly, that is likely the sign of a problem. Losing your range of motion might mean that you might feel pain when you walk or even have to limp. If you experience this, contact a Texas hip pain physician as soon as possible.

You Have Groin Pain At Night

The groin is close to the hips, and if you are having problems with your hips, you might also feel it in your groin. In particular, feeling pain in your groin at night could be a sign that you have arthritis in your hips. Not only will you be having a hard time sleeping at night because of this pain, but you’ll soon be dealing with more pain and other problems if you don’t have the condition diagnosed and treated. Talk to a hip pain doctor to get an evaluation.

Hip pain may appear briefly after an injury or a mild strain, but it shouldn’t be something that you have just learned to live with. If you are having recurring pain or notice any of these other symptoms, talk with a hip pain doctor to get a better understanding of what is causing your discomfort and what you can do about it.

Consult An Experienced Physicians About Your Hip Pain In League City, TX

The hip pain specialists at Evolution Pain and Spine are ready to help you get to the bottom of your hip pain and treat it. The team, led by League City interventional pain doctor Sunil Thomas will perform a thorough exam and develop a personalized treatment plan for long-lasting relief. Our team uses innovative techniques and regenerative medicine to help you recover. We also treat neck pain, back pain, joint and muscle pain, chronic headaches, and more. We offer convenient scheduling and online booking. Use our online form or contact us today to schedule a consultation with a top League City interventional pain doctor.



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