How Spinal Cord Stimulation Can Effectively Treat Chronic Pain

Spinal Cord Stimulation: An Innovative Treatment For Chronic Back Pain Relief

It’s common to feel back pain at the end of a long day, but what do you do when the pain is constant? Chronic back pain is more than just an annoyance and often doesn’t find relief from techniques such as rest, stretching, or therapy. In severe cases, back pain can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks and even prevent someone from being able to work. 

If you’ve tried medications, trigger point injections, and other treatments with your Lake Jackson interventional pain medicine physician, and are still living with chronic pain, spinal cord stimulation may be the next option. This innovative treatment can effectively treat chronic pain in many cases. 

Treat Chronic Pain With Spinal Cord Stimulation In Lake City, Texas

What Is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation involves a surgery in which a small battery-powered device is implanted near your spine. The device delivers mild electrical currents into your spinal cord in order to block pain signals before they reach your brain. You are in charge of the strength of the currents through an external remote control, and can turn the device on or off if you desire. Some of the benefits of spinal cord stimulation include:

It’s Easily Adjusted

Since no two patients are alike, it makes sense that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for any condition. With spinal cord stimulation, your treatment is customized to fit your needs and pain levels. You have the ability to increase or decrease the currents as you need to for optimal pain relief. 

The Procedure Is Reversible

If you decide that spinal cord stimulation isn’t for you, you have peace of mind knowing that your Clear Lake City interventional pain medicine physician can remove the implant at any time, and you won’t have any long-lasting side effects as a result. 

You Get a Trial Run

If you’ve gone through the gamut of pain relief treatments and are worried that spinal cord stimulation may not work, you will be glad to know that you get to try out the device through a temporary external lead before you undergo the complete procedure. You’ll be able to see how effective the treatment is for you before committing to surgery and utilizing the device long term. 

No Prescription Medications Are Involved

Medications are a common part of treatment for people living with chronic pain. However, they often have uncomfortable side effects and can lead to potential problems with addiction after long-term use. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to provide little to no coverage for pain medications, making them a significant and draining monthly expense. Spinal cord stimulation from your League City interventional pain medicine physician provides an alternative that may reduce the number of pain reducing medications you take. In some cases, patients are able to stop their prescriptions altogether. This will save you money and health in the long run. 

Side Effects Are Extremely Minimal

Patients who are taking prescription pain medications understand the drowsiness, nausea, and other negative side effects that result. Since spinal cord stimulation works by blocking pain signals from specific nerves, you won’t need to worry about side effects elsewhere in your body. In fact, many people experience no side effects at all. 

Recovery Is Fast

No one likes to think about getting surgery, especially on their back or spine. Patients often worry about a long recovery time that could keep them away from work for an extended period of time or make their daily life even more difficult than it already is. With spinal cord stimulation, recovery is fast. It’s common to experience some discomfort in the first few days following the surgery, but that’s all. A fast recovery with a good chance of significant pain relief makes spinal cord stimulation an attractive option for many patients!

Spinal Cord Stimulation Is Convenient

Of course, getting surgery is never really convenient. But when you compare it to other pain treatment options, spinal cord stimulation really does offer major convenience. It’s very possible you will no longer need to go to the pharmacy every month for prescription refills, and there will be no need to see your doctor for another appointment every few weeks. Plus, you can avoid the long recovery periods that result from other types of back or spinal surgery. Once you’ve gone through your trial run and had the spinal cord stimulator implanted, you’ll be able to get back to work and family activities in a short period of time. Your treatment can continue for years without needing frequent doctor appointments.

With spinal cord stimulation, you may be able to say goodbye to chronic back pain for good. Don’t let pain stop you from living your life! If you’ve exhausted other treatment options, ask your Friendswood interventional pain medicine physician if you are a candidate for spinal cord stimulation. 

Discover Effective Treatments For Chronic Pain In Lake Jackson

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